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6 months+ late posting these photos from the opening night of pokéurmom. Been busy raising two more children.

I've always hated the pretentiousness of standing in a gallery and staring at work in silence, worried people are judging you, thinking you don't understand it, or you didn't look for long enough.

So my opening night consisted of getting people into my swimming pool pit full of hand-drawn willies and fannies; becoming part of the artwork and being a 'massive twat' (see piccys) or trading the cards with others to try and complete the set of pokéurmom cards

Love to all who came and spent their money and gave me a hug.

Updates to be posted here on facebook event.

Title of your exhibition:

Pokéurmom What can people expect from your exhibition at 142? Aswell as over 50 of the most explicit trading cards you’ve ever laid your eyes on, I will be aiming to make the show as interactive as possible with a few opportunities for photos, and plenty of other artwork to hang in your downstairs loo.

Why this theme?

Well growing up a bored child, I always filled my time creating and drawing, absorbing 90s tv and games, or stroking dogs and collecting sticks in the woods. I have fond memories of sitting on a blue carpet, that hasn’t aged well, in my parents living room where I drew Pokèmon from a paused video I had recorded. Trying to rekindle the beautiful memories of my childhood, I decided to create my own versions with an added level of adult humour that comes with my personal work. I don’t know all the answers, but I think people's fear of genitals and the things that come with owning them shouldn’t be such a negative stigma. Also, I refuse to grow up.

In one short sentence explain your exhibition: I promise this will be the rudest set of trading cards you’ve ever seen. Describe your art in 1 word:


Add to your calendars now, and remember 'you gotta catch em all'




Planned opening times:

Thursday 9th Mar

Opening night 6-9

Friday 10th Mar — Tuesday 14th Mar


Wednesday 15th Mar



Marketing: ​

Address: 142 Hamilton Road, IP11 7DS, Felixstowe, Suffolk, England, United Kingdom

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