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Tommy Human

I’m an English Illustrator and designer, separated by my creative thinking, sense of humour and 15+ years of industry experience.

Artist / Illustrator / Designer / Positive wizard / Advocate of weird / Winner of bugs life colouring-in competition (1997) / Illustration BA (2010) / Suffolk (UK) based

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The Artist

My artistic projects are about embracing my weird, always channeling positive and real thoughts and making people laugh or flinch. I create work that’s bright and sometimes awkward, to be bold and different. This comes from a childhood of being the weird one and learning embracing this quality. I'm always open about my mental health struggles to anyone and their dog, and along my journey of depression I made an important decision to not draw anything negative and only create things from a positive place to bring happiness to myself and secondly others.

You can stay up to date with my artistic work on Instagram

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The Illustrator & Designer

I lead on large projects from brand creation to produce an identity you and your customers love.

I also specialise in brand support. Anything from illustrations, business cards, brochures and animation.

I've supported and helped create independent business' as well as larger household names.

To ensure a responsive and professional experience, I am represented by Amarillo Creative. Please contact direct to make any enquiries to work together.

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